Flat First Period Costs Habs

Montreal lost to the Penguins 5-4 in regulation time tonight.    A flat first period and Carey Price’s spending way too much time on his knees did them in despite some strong performances.

The Habs were out shot 8-3 in the first period and didn’t quite seem motivated.  The two games without Mr. Kovalev have resulted in 1 out of 4 points.   Not good.

ms Matthew Schneider did score a Power Play goal giving him at least a point per game in his first two games back as a Hab.  Frankie Boullion hurt his right leg and had to be helped off in the 3rd period.  George Laraque had a first period fight, but otherwise has been a huge disappointment.  The man is there to hit people; not just go dancing with other heavyweights.

The Canadiens will have to put forward 60 minute efforts if they have any hopes of making it to Lord Stanley’s Cup party.     They also need to use their speed and stop dumping and chasing the puck.   The other team doesn’t get penalties if the puck isn’t on your stick as much as if it is, and the Habs need to draw more penalties.

They seem very lost right now…..

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