It’s FLU season

flu It’s flu season and a lot of people are going to catch it this year.    There are some things YOU can do to help prevent it and help prevent the spread.

WASH YOUR HANDS.      A lot.   The more the better.

IF YOU SNEEZE.   Try and sneeze into your elbow.   Not into your hand.   At the very least try and cover your mouth as you spray the flu out when you sneeze.

If you work in the service industry DON’T handle beverages by their entries.    How many times has someone passed you a bottled water or soda by the top.  Well their germs on now on that top which you will place at your mouth.

If you’ve caught the flu don’t go to work.   Nobody can affored time off; but if the whole office gets sick that won’t help either and it can prolong the effects of your flu.

If you want your cold or flu to go away quicker here are some things you can do.

Rest.   Your immune system needs all the help it can get.

Don’t smoke.

Fluids – get plenty of water and juice; chicken soup will help get the phlegm out of your lungs too.

Gargling with warm salt water will help soothe your sore throat.

While Canadians spend over $250 Million dollars a year on Cold and Flu remedies most of these only help some of the symptoms and do cure a flu.

Take care and good luck with this flu season and of course if you experience a high fever or severe symptoms; especially with children seek medical assistance.

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