Bailouts not always a good thing.

It seems as though every industry wants a bailout.  I want one too, but sadly there is no applicable category I could apply for.

The most successful bail out that comes to my mind was the one of Chrysler in the 80’s. Lee Iaococca had a plan. The former management was removed and the funds were returned plus extra to the government. Thousands of jobs were saved.

It was a win win situation.

The Trillions spent around the world in my opinion are not going to come back to the people that actually pay for them. In my opinion it’s just going to prolong the final outcome for many of these Corporations.

I say let companies apply for funding; but make sure that any company given funds are purely given for the public’s benefit and that in the end the outcomes should be like the Chrysler one because none of us in these times can afford to waste any money.

I also think that funding should be made available to the average person who can’t get micro-financing or assistance through banks.

These funds generally get spent within a local economy and besides they help taxpayers survive a crisis which in most cases they are not remotely responsible for; it just makes good money sense.

Just my opinion. Feel free to post back.

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