I was just watching this week’s city council meeting on Cogeco and it’s amazing to watch this group interact.

There definitely are certain “types” of people.  You can see which councilors supports business interests, and which councilors support human interests; which councilors are smarter or brighter, or which councilors you wonder how the heck they got there or how anyone voted for them?

A wise person emailed me this week stating that either you’re part of the solution or you get told what to do.

I think all of those that live in this area should spend more time watching City Council meetings and be more active in asking our Councilors why they vote on an issue and even suggest our own opinions to them.

Click Cornwall City Council in our blog roll to get the numbers and emails of all the city councilors and tell them what you think  Cornwall.

Kudos btw, for Council passing the law on water bottles.    Not sure what the heck Councilor Rivette was going on about, but there are better ways to drink bottled water than out of the bottles we currently are using.

Btw, I sent an email out to all of our city councilor’s and the Mayor regarding this STORY regarding Council not accepting pay raises and only councilor Marc MacDonald bothered to reply.

His statement was quick and too the point.

“My response is one word, YES!”

Good for him.   Hopefully the rest of the Council will agree.   I’d even be happy with Council donating their raises to local legitimate charities as they’d still see some benefit from the tax write off.

Do you think Cornwall City Council should give back their Salary Increase?

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