Minimum Wage up 75 cents – finally !

Editorial- Finally minimum wage went up in Ontario.

I know the struggles of small business as I’ve run one.  Yes wages are expensive, but the reality is that Minimum wage is a system that supports the Service Industry.

Walmart recorded profits this year.   Tim Horton’s, Burger King, McDonalds, and many of the largest employers in Ontario hide behind Minimum wage while society helps pay for healthcare and other living costs.

The reality is that if people don’t have enough to spend they sure as heck can’t spend it, and the lower the wage the higher percentage of it that’s spent locally.

While it’s only 75 cents per hour or about $24 per week for the average worker that $24 will most likely be spent at the local Grocery store; or to a movie; or maybe even a big store like Walmart.

That money that these industries will have to spend will come back to them.   I know that some places like Burger Kings actually raised prices a few weeks ago.

People one day have to understand that society really is only healthy as it is collectively.

I hope one day that there is a “Guaranteed Minimum Income” and that we can do away with Ontario Works, Old Age Pension, Disability, and all these services that are in place that bloat government spending and cheat those that need it most.

What do you think Cornwall?  Click the link for local coverage of the raise.


Minimum wage earners are about to enjoy a pay raise. Ontario’s general minimum wage will increase by 75 cents today to $9.50 per hour, while the student rate will climb by 70 cents to $8.90 per hour.

The latest wage hike by the McGuinty government represents the next step in the delicate act of balancing a worker’s right to earn a living with the ability of businesses to pay more.

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