Claude McIntosh and I agree on something!


I knew it could happen.  Claude and I agree on Guy Lauzon burning taxpayer money on his shameless plugs and mailinigs.

And while we’re on the subject, would Guy Lauzon and other MPs stop wasting good tax dollars on those all too frequent mailouts to constituents.

They are useless pieces of propaganda that in most cases go directory to the recycling bin.

If you look forward to receiving them, do yourself a favour, don’t tell anybody.

Especially stupid are the so-called surveys, designed no doubt by some party hack to garner a favourable response.

Claude you should read The Cornwall Free News as you’d see that Councilor Mark MacDonald agreed to give back his 2.1 and I wrote that if councilors didn’t want to give it back then perhaps donate it to charity like Councilor Thibault.  At least they’d get the tax write off for the donation.

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