Geno does it again – Vancouver stomping – Habs Tee Time?

Two days to catch up on.

Somehow the Penguins are now up 2 on the Flyers.   Vancouver shuts out St.Louis to take a 2-0 series lead.

Boston beat the Habs in game one.   It was the usual Habs getting outshot and while some of the team are realy giving it their all it’s just frustrating to watch as a Habs fan.

NJ and Carolina are split 1-1 so far.   It should be a super series although a low scoring one.

Anaheim beat SJ in their own building.   Blake and Boyle will not be enough to keep the Thornton Express from choking.

Detroit continued to define the term champions and gave Columbus a first game loss.

Marty Havlat showed why talent in the end is usually better than heart all things being equal as he led Chicago to a game one win.   Mike Cammaleri got away with a huge cheap shot and scored a goal for the flames.  He should fit in just fine with the Leafs in the off season.

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