I’ve been asked that a few times now; about how we can run The Cornwall Free News.   Well right now it’s a labour of love.  You plant a seed, nurture it; and hopefully one day it’ll sprout some fruit.

A lot of people have helped and spend their time  so far and a lot more will before The Cornwall Free News fulfills it’s place as Cornwall’s number one place for local news in the Community.

If you want to help make this dream come true there are a few things you can do.

Tell your friends – the more people that read this the better.

Tell us what you want to read here.  Sports, Gossip, local Politics.

This is your newspaper Cornwall.

Post comments and participate in our stories.

If you are a business or have a service consider sponsoring us with an ad or sponsoring one of our columns.

Write for us.   This is your soapbox.  We are not affiliated and do not have any specific agenda.

Consider making a donation.  Have a spare ten dollars, even in this economy, and like our site?  Send it on over!

Finally – KEEP READING us.  Come back as often as you can.

And thanks for reading this insert and please visit our sponsors:

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