1000 Unique Visitors – Thanks Cornwall and everyone reading this site!


Over 5000 Page Views

I know it’s a humble number by internet standards, but for a tiny upstart that’s less than 3 months I’m very grateful and pleased to see us hit this mark.

To each and every one of you 1000 Unique visitors; many of who are now regular readers of The Cornwall Free News,  I wish to thank you and please keep spreading the word.

We have one new column starting soon and content streams are being added all the time.   I’d still like to add a car column; a home repair column, and a medical column so if you know someone in the community that you think would be good on these subjects have them contact us. (info@cornwallfreenews.com or canvid@hotmail.com)

This is your newspaper Cornwall.   Let us know what you want covered and if you’re considering signing up as a sponsor or inserting ads our special introductory rates will be in effect until December 31st of this year.

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