The more I hear about this 3 pad rink the more UPSET I get…

Yes it’s true.   I’m not happy with Cornwall spending what will probably be close to $40 million dollars by the time it’s done on a 3 pad hockey rink.

We have the Civic complex and the Si.   Do we really need to be funding such a large project?   Is the Aquatic center covering it’s costs?

In times like this we need to think with our heads and not with our hearts or self interests (Councilor Grant).   We can do an awful lot of things with that money and in a city of about 45,000 people that’s over $600 per head.

No – I just can’t support Cornwall spending $1200 from my household like that.    I think capital expenditures should reflect the community and its needs and if you look at the demographic breakdown of Cornwall and what else is being spent this is a travesty.

Just my opinion.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – Cornwall Free News

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