Huge Tobacco Bust – 13 Million Ciggies

Wow, that’s a whole lotta smokes!  L I N K

CORNWALL — Local RCMP have made their largest single illegal tobacco seizure ever, netting more than 13 million cigarettes from a semi-trailer in Finch, northwest of Cornwall.

Five people were arrested at the Finch home last Wednesday, said RCMP Sgt. Michael Harvey, who intends to have further details available today.

And more on area smuggling… L I N K

Police services board delegates from across Ontario watched in disbelief as a video showed a native man strapped to a cargo of cigarettes on a speeding boat, as if it were a bed.

The man’s purpose was to secure the illegal shipment from spilling into the St. Lawrence River. The video’s purpose was to give police board members a crash course in the region’s number one enemy: smuggling.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Thomas Carlos of the North Kawartha Police Services Board about smugglers. “What they’re doing is illegal. They’re not above the law, though they think they’re above the law.”

Carlos and other dumbfounded delegates listened to the smuggling presentation by Sgt. Michael Harvey of the local RCMP, as he took them through a Powerpoint on local organized crime networks. The seminar was part of the 47th Annual Ontario Association of Police Services Boards conference held at NAVCanada over the weekend.

And while on some levels I can understand Native concern over armed border guards as long as the smuggling is at the levels it is at this border I really don’t think they have a leg to stand on.   L I N K

Mohawk leaders say they will oppose the federal government’s plan to begin arming border guards next month, if guards at Ontario’s Cornwall Island crossing begin carrying weapons.

The leaders said that they want an exception made in the plan for that border crossing because it’s located on Mohawk land.

To me that’s a very semantical arguement.  I don’t disregard Mohawk opinion on this topic; but the realities are the realities and the options in the end if this isn’t allowed would truly cost the Mohawks more in the long run.

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