Hey, Stephen Harper says something Right :)

Hey, Stephen Harper says something Right :)


Prime Minister Stephen Harper supports a 2nd NHL team in the Toronto area and more Canadian teams.     See, as much as I don’t admire the man or his politics I will give him kudos for being dead right on this one.

I’m not sure when Gary Bettman and the other wunderkinds at the NHL will get it; Canada loves hockey.   Canada supports Hockey.

It’s a travesty when there’s no NHL team on the East Coast or Saskatchewan or Manitoba.

Cities like Quebec  and Winnipeg can support an NHL Team a lot better than Phoenix, Nashville, most of Florida, etc.

Heck even Halifax could probably out draw most of those US cities.

The NHL would even be better putting a few teams in Europe rather than beating that dead horse of US hockey.

I’m not saying give up on US hockey; just let it grow properly and not force it down the PA’s throat.

In the meanwhile; whether it’s that Rim Guy or some other group let’s get another Toronto based team.   If NY/NJ can support 3 teams Toronto can too.

Last night Carolina spooked Boston and takes a 2-1 series lead thanks to Habs castoff Sergei Samsonov.   Pittsburgh fought back and beat the Caps with Malkin finally scoring a meaningful goal.  That series is also 2 games to one for Washington.


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