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Here are your local and world wide Quick Hits for Saturday May 15th

grapesDon Cherry Film Starts Shooting

Councilors MacDonald and Clement like Hot Dogs

No more local CTV  in Eastern Ontario

Councilor Mark MacDonald is worried about Elevators

Gangs and Drugs in Cornwall

Cornwall Immigrant group lands Trillium Grant

Liberals attack Conservative $1 Billion plan to arm border guards

“Arming Canada’s border guards will cost taxpayers about $1 billion and is likely to endanger the lives of innocent people, Liberal public safety critic Mark Holland says.”

Wild Comments in the Claude McIntosh Column this week


Claude McIntosh knows how to market Black Market Ciggies

Care2 online home for Eco-activists

President Obama warns of Interest Rate Spikes

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1 Comment

  1. RE: Gangs and Guns

    Gang talk is meant to sensationalize and frighten. It raises money for more policing, more equipment, more weapons and in turn heightens fear. And better yet… it distracts us from the real source of crime.

    The biggest source of crime in this city is in connected businesses… businesses connected with politicians and law enforcement; laundering smuggling money and skimmed gambling cash, supplying smugglers their cars and boats, hiding toxic waste.

    It’s no secret, at least not amongst the business community involved, their hangers-on, and the rest that are too frightened to open their mouths.

    What do you think the scum with automobile broker licences are doing in this down period? Why they’re selling and leasing to smugglers.

    What do you think realtors are doing flipping properties? Legitimizing tons of cash that gambling/smuggling skimmers and scammers can’t put in the bank.

    Those stores and businesses in town that make no sales yet manage to pay the rent (but not taxes) ? Laundering.

    Got a key to a dump? Guess what.

    And although police and politicians at the highest levels in the province have been advised, they drag their feet to protect their careers and friends.

    Here’s to your days being numbered.

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