Francophone Community Cut Short by 40′ in Cornwall

It was a robust and large crowd in attendance at tonight’s City Council meeting.   The reason for all this energy was the placement of a plaque, flag and flagpole for Le Monuement de la Francophonie.

The project is simple enough.   A plaque, flag, and flagpole are placed in area communities in tribute.    100% of the cost for the Cornwall project was raised by The Richelieu Club.   The proper paperwork was submitted but the Waterfront Committee didn’t like the size of the pole. 

They wanted it only 40′ high.   Well the standard for these poles, as they are in other communities is 80′.   There apparently was an issue with another pole being shorter than this proposed project so the Richelieu Club offered to pay $10,000.00 to raise the other pole.

That too was turned down.    So tonight a presentation was made to City Council that was especially well received by Councilor’s Bernadette Clement and Councilor Denis Thibault.

“It’s valid to have such a monument..” said Councilor Clement    “…It’s an important project that needs to reflect the pride that we have in the contributions of our Francophonie community.” 

Judging from the response from the crowd it looks like most there were of the same opinion.   

I hope that council finds a way for this group which brings 100% financing to the table (as opposed to the arena project) to achieve its goal and that its flag waves before the snow falls.

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