What’s up with Councilor Glen Grant – Council Round Up

I was sitting at the media table watching our City Council at work.   Normally it’s myself, Kevin Lajoie from the Standard Freeholder, Ed Allard and someone from that radio station that refuses to acknowledge that this paper exists.

A discussion starts about advertising of part time and casual positions from the city and Mr. Grant actually states that the city shouldn’t use the Standard Freeholder and should “PAY” for ads in the Seaway Valley News!  I won’t print why he felt that way, but to slam a long term business in these economic times in city council is just wrong.

I was stunned and teased Kevin, but to me this was  especially wrong as I have never seen a reporter from the Seaway News cover city council.

I guess Councilor Grant won’t be getting a lot of love from a certain Cornwall paper in the future.

And Councilor Grant if the city wishes they can advertise any position here on The Cornwall Free News as we don’t charge for Help Wanted ads.

In other Council round up news there was discussion about adding a turf field to the Arena project for minor league football.   If this project is built I certainly hope that this group gets some love from the city and a turf field is added.

And there was some lively and interesting debate initiated from Councilor André Rivette    who said

” It doesn’t make sense.”  regarding use of the complex for commercial purposes like those furniture auctions.

Essentially the point being made was that a company can come into Cornwall and for a few hundred dollars rent the city complex and sell off an awful lot of goods which of course hurts local businesses who pay Cornwall’s way too high tax bills. 

It was pointed out that if they raised rates for the complex that groups may simply rent other area halls, but it was also suggested by councilor Clement that the permit for non-local companies could be raised to reflect their impact on local business.

Councilor Glen Grant suggested that these companies not be allowed to do what they do period which seems a bit silly.

It’s all about balance.   We don’t want to deprive Cornwallians of good deals and we don’t want local business to suffer excessively.  

It does raise the question about how a company can ship goods to Cornwall; pay for an ad bag and other ads; rent the complex;  staff the event, and still make money selling at the prices they do?  

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