Letter to our MP from a Cornwall Citizen

We received this letter to the editor today addressed to our sitting MP.  

During the last months of reading the weekly column by my federal deputy, Guy Lauzon, I have been reminded of my first 28 years lived under the Communist regime in Romania. 

After 37 years lived in Canada, where the high degree of democracy is internationally recognized and after the demolition of the Berlin Wall signifying the disappearance of the Communist regime, I had thought that the type of propaganda typical of totalitarian regimes had disappeared forever. 

It is a technique that consists of continually repeating a lie and hoping that in the medium or long term the lie will become reality in the popular imagination.

For months now Guy Lauzon has been taking advantage of the space that is democratically reserved for him in the Seaway News to repeat ad nauseam that Michael Ignatieff has committed to raising taxes and that he is the father of the carbon tax. 

To give the impression that these affirmations are true, he interprets comments made by Ignatieff out of context or uses references that date from 1991, when Ignatieff was light years away from the political arena.

Under the autocratic regime of Stephen Harper, the debate of ideas with as objective the advancement of Canada and the well-being of Canadians has been replaced by propaganda of lies and personal attacks.  The lack of transparency, dialogue and consultation, as well as ideological obscurantism, have replaced democratic debate, dialogue and the respect owed to not only the population but also to those that while democratically elected, have the misfortune of not representing the party in power. 

The difference between the my way or the highway that constitutes the guiding principle of the Harper government and the only truth of a totalitarian government is less and less discernable.

I would have preferred that Guy Lauzon, who I consider to be my representative to the Canadian Parliament, use the space that is appropriately reserved for him in the media not for propaganda of lies and for partisan attacks but rather for dialogue with those whom he is supposed to represent and to explain to us the vision and actions of the government he represents.

Also, I would have preferred that he explain to the population who elected him, the economic mysteries that transform a budget surplus announced in the midst of an economic crisis in November 2008 into a $34 billion deficit two months later and a $50 billion deficit six months later. 

Or that he explain to the population, including our fellow citizens the Mohawks, the position of his government concerning the Cornwall port of entry, which has an economic and social impact on the whole of the riding that he represents. 

He could also clarify for us the situation with the radioactive isotopes that worries many of our fellow citizens. 

As a French-speaking voter, I would like to understand why the Conservative government and he himself were opposed to the law that provided for the nomination of bilingual judges to the Supreme Court of Canada.  And the list could go on and on.

I request that my representative show proof of courage and prove to his voters that those who place him among the Conservative yapping brigade or trained seals are wrong and that he is a real democrat who does other things than to be present at events to present cheques and shake hands.

In the name of the democracy that allows him to represent us in Ottawa, I would like him to consult us, to listen to us and to take our ideas and problems to the Canadian Parliament.  As in all real democracies, we are the ones who will vote in this riding in the next election. 

In ending, I would like to remind him that since the beginning of time, history has always taken a malicious pleasure in burying totalitarian regimes.

Corneliu Kirjan

Cornwall Ontario”

Now that’s a letter to the editor.   Thank you Mr. Kirjan.

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