Election Drums a beating – Is it that time again?

All the parties are weighing in.  Is it that time again?  Hockey season is over and Canadians have a love for blood sport.

Here are some stories floating in the media today.

Denis Sabourin Scores some Points

Ken Dryden Scores in Cornwall

Is Harper Bending?

Harper and Ignatieff to Face Off

NDP Leader Jack Layton accused the Conservatives Monday of intentionally dragging their feet on stimulus spending in order to keep the money in Ottawa’s coffers.

“The fact is, Stephen Harper doesn’t really believe in all this stimulus stuff,” Layton told reporters, adding that Harper only implemented the spending because of opposition pressure.

Layton said that municipalities across the country “are starving” and the Tories have only pledged “crumbs” to help create summer construction jobs.

“It doesn’t look as though he intends to follow through … That’s our problem with the budget.”

So Cornwall who will you vote for if Mr. Harper’s government falls and an election is called?

Who will you vote for if the Government falls this week?

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