Restaurant Chez Nous has closed

  They did such a nice job creating their eating space and had just got their liquor license.  It looks like another restaurant in Cornwall may be in jeapardy.

Sadly since Chef Shawn left there were an awful lot less cars in their parking lot…

Calls to Chez Nous are greeted by the message that they are closed for “Kitchen Renovations”.

Hopefully that is just the case and they open again soon. 

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  1. We often there during lunch and dinner. I have met the new chef in charge Chef Shawn Cyr, and loved his food. They did tell us about the renovations being done in the kitchen due to a crack in the roof. I hope they open again soon, they did such a great job and can’t wait to try the new menu out.

  2. It’s funny they call him a chef, he is a glorified line cook with no formal training. They put too much emphasis on the fact that he worked at “chain” restaurants. In the world of good food, this is a very very negative thing. These people tend to “re-heat” or “re-constitute” as opposed to actually cook. Freshness is very important, so is technical ability.
    Sources close to me say that the owners of Chez Nous have filed for bankruptcy. It is unfortunate that they would lead their customers to believe they will be re-opening. Perhaps they are just trying to see if they can sell the business as a working establishment.

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