Akwesasne Elects Grand Chief – Bridge UPDATE

Official results haven’t been released yet, but rumblings are that Mike Mitchell has defeated Grand Chief Thompson.   I’m hoping that no matter who has won that the bridge issues can be resolved sooner rather than later.

It’s been interesting being near the center of this impasse.   I’ve heard and read a lot of things about a lot of issues.   It does seem as though guns have been the lightning rod or battle ground, but in the end,  like any skirmish all that’s left are victims until the next clash.

Personally I think that if the Grand Chief and the MCA don’t end their protest and allow guns to be carried at this Customs post  then it’s going to be a very long summer indeed for our area.   If the people of Akwesasne truly don’t want the station to be where it is they may just get their wish…

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