Akwesasne / Cornwall Bridge UPDATE

It looks like things are inching forward and unjamming as I write this today.

Several articles in the media and reports I am hearing am showing that the change in Grand Chief and the Harper Government are helping a framework be created that will address some of the key issues for both sides without impacting the citizens of the area.


Grand Chief Mitchell: Lengthy Negotiations Ahead

Which is the true voice of Akwesasne?

Border Closing Devastating

“I think the minister could make one call and we’d be moving again, but he won’t do it and I don’t know why,” said Dennis Fortier, owner of a Cornwall trucking company. “He’s washed his hands of it.”

“The border post was the first to get bulletproof glass after it was shot up, according to Customs and Immigration Union president Ron Moran. Akwesasne’s status as a Canada-U.S. smuggling hub adds to the tension. At the height of the tobacco-smuggling crackdown in the 1990s, guards were unnerved by red dots trained on them, apparently from laser-sighted weapons.”

Akwesasne residents concerned by their own leadership?

“Important meeting for the people of Akwesasne is being planned for Saturday July 4th 2009 at 5pm.

Meetings are taking place and deals are being brokered behind closed doors, without the community members  knowledge.  If you live in Akwesasne, you will want to attend the community meeting tomorrow.  We will be discussing the following topics, rumors, and actions:

  • The Kahweno:ke Elections are being recalled;  why and how.
  • Why was a New Concrete Barracade placed at the cornwall side of the bridge to Kahweno:ke??
  • Why is the big white tent being moved from Kahweno:ke CrossRoads on July 4th?
  • Secret meetings and deals being cut with MCA this week.”

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