Election Drums – MP not to run again?

I am hearing rumors that our current sitting MP will not run for the Conservatives in the next election?  We’re trying to track down a conclusive answer to that one.

The other parties are ramping up in preparation for a fall election.

LINK  Harper Government Dares Opposition to Call an Election

“Let the opposition parties threaten to get together to defeat us and replace us,” Harper told about 800 Conservative supporters during a barbecue

The NDP look like they will be having Darlene Jalbert run again.  It would be her second attempt for office in this riding, and she’s been quite busy in the community since the last election.

On the Liberal side it looks like a two horse race right now between Denis Sabourin who ran the last time and Cornwall City Councilor Bernadette Clement who may be throwing her name into the ring for the first time at the Federal level.

David Rawnsley is believed to be running again for the Green Party.

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