Bernadette or Darlene? Our PRE ELECTION POLL is heating UP!

So far it’s been neck and neck between the NDP’s Darlene Jalbert and the Liberal Party of Canada’s  Bernadette Clement.   While both women are not officially the candidate for this riding for their respective party’s, they are the front runners.

Vote in our election poll and tell us who you’d vote for if there was an election called soon!

If a Federal Election is called who would you vote for?

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  1. Bernadette is a fine enough person, the trouble lies with her politics. Conciliation and mediation are her strong point, but she’s loathe to correct, or flat out oppose bad judgement and error.

    Diplomacy (“the art of letting someone else have your way”) is also an alternative to confrontation. And there are ways to have someone “take a hike” and have them look forward to it.

    I think a little more gumption is in order before expecting her to represent or stand up and stand her ground for electors.

  2. Author

    Trent she sure showed a lot of “gumption” this past City Council meeting. I think flaws could be found in any candidate for any party. You have to look at the whole picture sometimes to truly weigh an option.

    You say she’s opposed to correct or oppose bad judgement. Maybe she does it in ways you don’t see. Not everybody gets in opponents faces to grandstand.

    Cornwall City Council is not the House of Commons. I find that the councilors there for the most part try to work with each other.

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