According to Cornwall City Councilor Dennis Carr the city can save an awful lot of money by closing area pools that just aren’t being used enough any longer.   L I N K

“Last year, the city budgeted $555,639 to run the aging outdoor pools and recorded a total of 13,815 visits. That works out to a cost of more than $40 per swim – a figure which Carr described as being “way out of line.””

The Aquatic centre is not the solution for the entire city, and as wonderful as the splashpad is you can’t substitute a neighborhood pool in the summer.

So what is the solution?  Do people need a wake up call and have to use their pools?  Would the costs change if more people use them?  Also, would it become harder to attract young families to neighborhoods that lacked pools?

You can fill pools and turn them into green spaces, but it just isn’t practical in the summer for most of the children in Cornwall to trek to the Aquatic center.

Is Councilor Carr being our Canary in the Coal mine?

What do you think Cornwall?

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