Local and World Quick Hits for Wednesday July 22

An American Sadhu in Utah

Local Couple Stung by Canadian Madoff – Earl Jones

First Canadian TAMIFLU resistant Swine Flu Case

VIA RAIL shutting CANCELLING Trains in Advance of Strike

Cornwall Slumlord Denis Valade Nailed with $4K fine

JOSEPH HENRY BURGESS 40 Year Manhunt Ends With His Death in Mexico

“At the age of 62, Mr. Burgess had apparently been living rough in the Jemez Mountains near Albuquerque and was suspected of a years-long string of robberies. Thefts of food, clothing and other supplies from rural properties led to him being dubbed the “Cookie Bandit.” Confronted by police on a stakeout last Thursday, he killed Sergeant Joe Harris, a Sandoval County sheriff’s deputy, and was himself shot dead.”

MJ Doctor’s Office Raided

Cornwall’s Marport C Tech Lands Big Contract

Earl Jones Still in Canada – Talking to Police

Artificial Brain Coming Soon

WALMART Pushes West – At least in Canada

Profits up for SHOPPER’S DRUG MART

CLAUDE MCINTOSH on The Bridge and other Musings

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