Harv’s Diner – 619 Pitt – Restaurant Review

I need to start taking photos when I do Resto Reviews!   I did breakfast at Harv’s Diner Friday morning for a biz meeting.   I’d never been there before.   While the building looks gray and non descript on the outside, it’s a bright oasis on the inside.

Surprisingly busy I could tell why after my breakfast.   They like to do the Home Cooking thing; from their own special Home Made Baked Beans (A bit sweet, but with real chunks of meat, and quite good) to a really good cup of coffee.

Portions were plentiful and options choice.

I had an order of their beans and the Philly Steak Omelet.   They arrived quickly even though they had a full house at the time.   The waitress was very professional which you don’t see a lot of in Cornwall.   She didn’t say “youse” once either.

Breakfast seems to be the meal that Cornwall Restaurants do best, and Harv’s Diner is one of the finest I’ve had in Cornwall so far!

Presentation 4

Value 4

Service 4.5

Zing & Wow 4

Overall 4 out of 5 Red Hats

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