So are you going to see Akon at the 1000 Island Music Fest ?


Wanna Win Tix to see Akon?

What YOU have to DO to WIN these TICKETS is post to our site.

Leave your comment here and I want to see the lamest reason why you should get the tix.

I don’t want to hear about sick puppies.  I want some creativity.      We may round up some other prizes if we get enough cool entries.

For each comment you post to our site, it doesn’t have to be in any special insert, email us at   We will pull a name out of the entries and that lucky person and their guest will be going to Gananoque!

Good luck and keep trying!  To buy tix to the event click HERE

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  1. Hey, I believe if I won the tickets to see Akon my life would be complete. He’s been into a lot of things lately like when he threw that kid off of the stage I mean come on imagine seeing that live? I’m sure he wont do anything bad here but really to see Akon itself is perfectly fine because well the man is a genious, yeah a genious. He’s creative some of the biggest hits out there like Smack That, really smack that, that’s pretty much garaunteed to be a sexual song but hey its creative on his part and oh no I Wanna F*** You, well I don’t but his song with Snoop is called that, where does he come up with these ideas? I tell you Akon is a beast when he makes music and I NEED to see him perform live. He was apparently supposed to open for New Kids On The Block in June but couldn’t get over the border so missed him there also and I was like when will I see him, well I just found out hes going to the greatest music fest Canada has, 1000 Islands and I was like well seeing as how I am kind of not working lately I don’t see that happening but now with a great chance like this to win, it’s amazing. Anyways thanks for the wonderful chance to win these tickets.


  2. OMG OMG I would love to see these people there, i not only love 1000 islands but i love AKON!!! It would be a dream come true. P.S. This site is Awsome.


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