Will the Leaf Fly? Nissan’s New Mass Produced Electric car

NISSAN is gambling that the North American market is ready for an electric car.  Unlike GM’s pricey VOLT due to come out shortly, the LEAF is to be about the same price as a VERSA, but run strictly on Electricity via a nose plug in.

“Nissan has promised that the Leaf, which goes into mass-production as a global model in 2012, will be about the same price as a gas-engine car such as the 1.5 million yen ($15,000) Tiida, which sells abroad as the Versa, starting at about $10,000.”

So Cornwall, will you buy a Leaf and go Electric when they come out?   Leave your comments and remember each time you comment you are entered to win two tickets to the 1000 Island Music Fest!

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