Letter to the Editor from Corneliu Kirjan

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“Since his arrival in power in January 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has spared no effort in making Canada lose the credibility on the international scene which it had enjoyed since the Pearson years. A few days ago, at the North American leader’s summit in Guadalajara, Mexico, our Prime Minister blamed Canada for the visas that his government imposed without warning on Mexican tourists. After having insulted China and contributed to the cooling of Canadian-Chinese relations, after having left Canadian citizens abroad without help and after having made the news with his repeated tardiness at official photo sessions of the leaders of the G8 and G20 countries, now he is publicly blaming his country for the irresponsible measures taken by his own government. And that after having tried, in the American Republican way, to pass on the sly measures concerning immigration in the Budget Implementation Act at the beginning of April 2008.

Already in 1997, when he was vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, a Canadian extreme right group, Harper, a great admirer of the American political system, declared that “Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worse sense of the term, and very proud of it.” In one sentence he insulted several democratic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) as well as his own country and its citizens.

The job of the Prime Minister is to promote Canada and defend its interests. Instead of that, we have a Prime Minister who never stops criticizing our country and harming our interests abroad. How can the population of Canada have confidence in a Prime Minister who only belittles his own country and embarrasses it on the international scene?

Corneliu Kirjan”

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