Employees pooling $ to buy local TV station in Victoria BC

I know Victoria BC is a long ways from Cornwall Ontario, but we have no local TV in Cornwall.  Our radio station is part of a national chain as are our cable company and newspapers.

Local voices are so important.   It’s a blessing that the internet is allowing for local communities to build their voices as is happening with our humble newspaper.


We’re actually exploring adding an internet radio station to The Cornwall Free News.  It would be on 12 hours per day featuring local talk mostly.   It’s a pretty big step and investment, but isn’t Cornwall worth it?

“John Miller, who teaches in the journalism school at Ryerson University in Toronto, said the staff may find it difficult to convince Canwest to sell the station rather than simply shut it down.

But if they succeed, Miller said there’s a chance for a locally owned, independent station to succeed where an international media giant could not.

“Some of the credibility and trust that’s been lost in the media is because they’re corporately owned,” he said.

“As the readers and viewers fall away, so do the advertisers.”

Miller also said local investors may be willing to accept a smaller profit margin, rather than the 20 or 30 per cent profits that large media companies have grown accustomed to.

“The corporate ownership business model seems to be failing, so the only future seems to be local ownership, independent ownership,” he said.”

So Cornwall, keep reading our paper and help us grow.  If you can donate or urge your local stores to advertise with us because if you tell us to grow and add an internet radio station to the Cornwall Free News we will listen.

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