Hey I got attacked on The Standard Freeholder

Not by the Standard Freeholder, although the perp posted anonymously 🙂   L I N K

The topic was the new condo project at the old Cotton Mills site.

“Even DemoPlus knows the score, more so certainly than “cornwallfreenews”.
Poor cheerleader Jamie of the “cornwallfreenews”, ever insistant on courting favour with any non-Conservative politician he can find to fawn over, ever since the rejection by first love, the Right Honourable Guy.  F*rt catching and gushing over these new friends just undermines any credibility of the one boy newsblogazine that trolls for website hits with useless commentary relentlessly posted in this forum.”

I won’t apologize if what this person thinks supporting things that are needed for Cornwall to evolve is “cheerleading”.  lol

As for our area MP, I certainly wasn’t rejected by him or by the Conservative Party.    And while I am a Liberal I have voted Conservative before as well other parties in certain elections.

Anyway, glad to see I have a “fan” out there and if this person, whomever they are, wishes to debate any issue I’d be happy to make space for them here.

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