Bernadette Clément To Run Against Guy Lauzon in the Next Federal Election

Tomorrow there’s a press conference scheduled for 12:15 at The Best Western in the dining room where it is expected that Cornwall City Councilor Ms Bernadette Clément Bernie1 will be the uncontested Liberal candidate in the next Federal election for our riding.

Ms Clément could not be reached for comment.  It’s been a long process as she had to weigh many issues before deciding to take her first plunge as a Federal candidate.

This will make the next election an interesting one as we will have two female candidates vs the encumbent who has faced an avalanche of criticism for failing the community during the bridge crisis and his lack of support for local television.

The very popular Clément garnered the most votes of any councilor in the last Cornwall City election; even more votes recorded by the Mayor, Bob Kilger.      I’ve heard from many excited and supportive Liberals in the riding and it should be quite the race.

More to come tomorrow.

Ms Clément leads in our election poll.  Tell the world who you will vote for Cornwall!

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