Rock The Vote! This Sunday at Murphy’s Inn

Jason Setnyk from The Cornwall Underground and our occasional writer/photog sent in this release and the images.  See you all at Murphy’s Inn on Sunday!


This Sunday August 23rd at Murphy’s Inn marks the sixth annual Rock the Vote, a concert that promotes voting to a younger demographic. “Civic responsibilities like voting, volunteering in the community, these are important lessons for people of any age, and concerts like Rock the Vote are a yearly reminder for young adults to go out and get involved”, says school teacher and show promoter Jason Setnyk. “Rock the Vote is not going to change the world, but it might change a few people’s minds. But it can’t end at Rock the Vote, social responsibilities are learned with experience, at school, and at the dinner table too”, explains Setnyk.

The Cornwall and District Labour Council is sponsoring this event, and because of their donation, admission is going to be a very affordable at two dollars. The messages being delivered at Rock the Vote, like the right to refuse unsafe work, are so important that it’s important to keep the show affordable for everyone. Special guest speakers already announced include City Councillor and Labour Council President Elaine MacDonald, and Federal NDP candidate Darlene Jalbert.

This years Rock the Vote also coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Cornwall Underground, a website that has promoted shows, produced compilations Cds of local music, and has hosted shows and published band photos for the past decade. The Cornwall Underground has literally helped promote the music of over a hundred bands.

The show opens up at 3pm with an acoustic show case featuring a variety of musical styles including Indie and Punk Rock. Playing the acoustic show case are: Keegan Larose, Geneviève Lacroix, Tracy Lalonde and Tricia Lee Robinson, Discover Atlantic, Dog Fight Champion (ex-Midnyte Revival), Street Corner Sobriety (ex-Usual Suspects), Painted Forest (ex-TroubleMakers), Geoff Clarke (ex-Down on Bedford), Jay Ramone, and Anna Marie Newton.

There will also be a host of rock and metal bands playing later on in the day: The Breathing Apparatus, Sleep is for the Dead, The Unavowed, Render the Fallen, The Vital Side, Tomorrows Downfall, The Nads, The Acydia State (ex-Hail to Thee), and Fathom Ties. Cory Blokland, drummer for Render the Fallen has announced Rock the Vote will be his bands final show and farewell.


The concert is expected to be done by 11pm.

Also this weekend, on Saturday August 22nd, there is the annual SK8FEST in Alexandria, featuring skateboarding and live music, and Saturday night Dan Martin is scheduled to play at Lola’s Pub and Grub in Cornwall.

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