So I was Talking with Dennis Carr….

So I was talking with Cornwall City Councilor Dennis Carr last week, who btw, is a great guy to talk to, especially if you are talking about Cornwall and its future, or Golf.

The man has vision as we poured over some of the plans on his desk.    It’s not easy to be part of the driving force in the transition of Cornwall from a Domtar industrial base to what nobody is quite sure of what Cornwall is to become.

I am a big fan of Micro-Commerce and chatted about this with Mr Carr.  The concept essentially is that there are a lot of small businesses and services that would be available to the public if there was a truly economic option for them to operate from.

My idea was for the city and/or the Chamber of Commerce to take a space that’s not being used and create a location for these small operations to occupy.   Sorta like in many cities you can rent reasonable office space with shared services.

I was surprised how open he was to this;  even making some very positive suggestions.

We also talked about the location where the Si Miller Arena and Glen Theatre sits which will be quite a paycheck to Cornwall when its developed.  I was glad to hear it wasn’t handshaked over to some corrupt political supporter as this property could go a long way towards offsetting Cornwall’s 3+1 arena investment or…

Providing monies to creating an arts centre in the Cornwall as more people take part in the arts in one form or the other than play hockey.  I was also surprised how positive Mr. Carr was to the arts.  He showed  me a local magazine and said this was potentially the route that Cornwall might take to evolve a new image for itself.

These are such interesting times for this city.  It’s exciting seeing all of the potential, and if we’re all very wise and careful Cornwall has the potential to become a truly amazing community.

What do you think Cornwall?

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