Youth Try to Breathe Life Back into Pride Cornwall

This past week a meeting was held.   It was a small grass roots meeting, a tad less than 20 people, most of them young, but they had a goal which was to save Pride Cornwall which is slated to close in October.

They had two special guest  VIP’s attend.  Ottawa Star Drag Queen Zelda Marshall made the trip to Cornwall zelda2guy and our own MP, the Honorable Guy Lauzon.    Mr. Lauzon entered through the back door, gave out some Canadian Flags and pins, and complemented the group for their committed dedication to the community.    He said it reminded him of the kitchen table meetings many years ago that inspired him to enter politics.

He stay was brief, about two to three minutes before he excused himself for another function in Williamstown.

A press release should be released soon by the group if things move forward.  Congrats to all who attended and good luck!

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  1. If this is in deed true of the Honorable Guy Lauzon, a politician will do anything for votes, but a man of conviction and integrity would not stoop so low. By the way, did Guy leave by the back door also?

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