Local Liberal Stars Shine at Bernadette Clément Nomination Meeting

It was a breathtaking night in local politics at the Knights of Columbus hall.    Local Liberals turned out in record numbers to attend the nomination meeting.


Only one candidate was on the docket, which wasn’t surprising to any in attendence.     It’s part of Ms Bernadette Clément’s charm, pulling people together and uniting them which makes this David and Goliath challenge of unseating encumbent Guy Lauzon in the next Federal election a very real possibility.

Surrounded not only by her friends and family, but by long time Liberal supporters she took to the stage and talked about the challenges facing this riding.

About Farm needs, about their families and youth.   She talked about jobs in this riding and their future.   She talked about how hard we’ve been hit by the bridge crisis and how important the relationship between the communities of this riding, including Akwesasne, are to the future, and how we need to have better dialogue and understanding.

Ms Clément talks about her “Fresh Approach”, but it isn’t so much fresh as much as the way I think a lot of people want their politicians, their elected officials, to represent them.   That instead of hate ads and propaganda people simply want performance and hard work.    And they want to feel that those elected care about them.

Ottawa MP Mauril Bélanger spoke on behalf of the Liberal party and Leader Michael Ignatieff.   Mayor Bob Kilger officially nominated Ms Clément bobnom and was seconded by Denis Sabourin who was one of the true stars of the night.   People tend to think of politicians as power hungry and greedy.   Mr. Sabourin, happy who has worked hard and was the candidate during the last election stepped aside and decided not to challenge Ms Clément this time around.    He was there clapping, supporting, and showing his dedication to this riding.    I’m sure his support, skill, and intelligence will help her during this gargantuan challenge of unseating MP Guy Lauzon.

Tom Manley was also there to show support as was Mrs. Pat Lumley, wife of Former MP Ed Lumley and of course Ontario MPP Jim Brownell.

The capacity filled room showed their support to what truly could be the first night of an historic political career and an evolution for this riding.

Here are some clips from the evening.  We apologize for the poor quality video.



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