Let the Battle Begin – Ignatieff Throws Down the Gauntlet

ig Michael Ignatieff made his position clear.  It’s time for the Harper Government to go.   From Sudbury the Liberal Leader stated clearly his intention to bring the Conservatives down the first chance they get.   It’s now up to Jack Layton or Gilles Duceppe to prop up Mr. Harper or we go to election.

Mr. Harper may also jump the cue and call a snap election.   Well better a fall election than a winter one; especially if you have to stand in line to vote.

Here are some stories and headlines from today.

Ignatieff to Harper: “Your Time is Up.”

“He blamed Mr. Harper for the state of the economy, which has been sideswiped by the global recession, accusing the Tory leader of delivering to Canadians “the worst deficit in our history,” “the worst unemployment record in two decades” and leading a government “that’s ready to sacrifice national unity to stay in power.”

In a final scare tactic that insults thousands of Canadian voters Mr. Harper added:
““The one thing that could screw this all up is political instability. We have a couple of parties in Parliament, the Bloc Québécois in particular, the NDP as well, they vote for an election every day of the week every time, they’ve got nothing to do other than fight election campaigns. There is a risk that at some point in the future, as we saw last year, that one of the major parties will try to appease those parties and do bad things to this country as a way of trying to get into office,” Mr. Harper said.”

Gilles Duceppe is set to publicly respond in his speech in Laval on Wednesday. It’s not expected that he will support the Harper Government.

Parroting his leader the local MP was quoted  H E R E :

“But Lauzon warned another election will likely yield the same results as last time and simply cost taxpayers another $300 million.

“If there’s some doubt about whether this government will continue, there will be a wait-and-see, a sleep mode by bureaucrats, and it will slow down the economy,” Lauzon said.

Lauzon’s fears echoed those of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who told a Calgary talk show Tuesday that an election this fall would take the government’s focus away from making sure Canada’s long-term economy is strong. Harper said now is not the time for “political games” and the parties in Parliament should be working together instead.”

Here is Mr. Ignatieff’s speech from Sudbury.


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