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“For the last few days the Conservative government, aware that the date fixed to report to the population on its actions is approaching, has started a campaign to make Canadians believe that everything is fine and that an election is not necessary. Like usual, our MP Guy Lauzon rushed to sign a letter that had been sent to him by the Conservative Party propaganda office. At the same time, the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, John Baird, asked for more time for the implementation of the stimulus plan claiming that an election would stop the implementation of the plan.

I would like to remind my MP, who seems to have blanks in his memory when it concerns his own party, that last autumn Prime Minister Stephen Harper, with disdain for his own law, called an election and denied the threat of an economic crisis that everyone said was imminent.

I would also like to remind him that after the election, the Conservative government tabled a budget in which there was no question of an economic crisis and even predicted a budgetary surplus.

Lastly, I would like to remind Minister Baird that even when the members of the House of Commons are in election, the rest of the government continues to function. The budget has already been adopted by Parliament and the ministerial programs function normally.

If we have an election this autumn, it will not be because of the other parties present in the Parliament, but because of the conservative government that, due to incompetence or ideological bias, did not do its duty toward the Canadian population.

Corneliu Kirjan

Cornwall Ontario”

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