Local Politicians Respond to Election Calls

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Cornwall City Councilor Glen Grant (campaign manager for MP Guy Lauzon) “I used to respect the liberal strategists but I believe they would be making a mistake going to the public in an election at this time. I personally don’t see an issue (s) that would get the residents of Canada excited about turfing Harper.

From David Rawnsley, local candidate for The Green Party of Canada: “More sabre rattling! I am uncertain as to which Party, the Conservatives or the Liberals, has demonstrated itself least able to operate in a Minority situation. As we can expect more minority governments into the future, Canadians should be seeking a party where consensus is obtained from a broad spectrum of opinion, honed by discussion and deliberation, and decided based on individual input – the Green Party.

While we stand ready for another election, less than one-year after the last, we believe that Canadians are tired of elections that just deliver more of the same. The Green Party is the only party offering new ideas, a vision of a new tomorrow, a greener-tomorrow, a tomorrow that has (at least) a 2010 date behind it.”

dj Darlene Jalbert, NDP Candidate for our riding: This threat comes from a party that has propped the Harper government up 79 times and got nothing for Canadians in return.

For Mr Ignatieff to say that no matter what Mr. Harper offers he will not support the government is completely self serving and not at all in the best interest of the Canadian people.  This from the man that was all over Jack Layton for in his opinion not spending enough time studying the budget before he decided what the NDP position would be.

If we the NDP support the government it will be because we have been able to secure a good deal for Canadians.   If Mr. Harper sticks to his usual attitude and doesn’t want to talk, then we will not support him and then perhaps we will go to the polls.

Ask a Canadian four months after an election or four years after an election if they want another election and we will alway say no.”

Cornwall City Councilor and Liberal candidate Bernadette Clement weighed in as well:

“As has been said a number of times, no one wants an election. But my responsibility is to be ready and to bring a fresh approach if one is called.

Our fellow citizens are tired of the old ways. They want leaders to present ideas and to represent the whole community, not to just speak for their own party.

Canadians want their politicians to behave decently towards one another, no matter what their politics. They want us to work together on the best solutions for Canada and focus on outlining ideas clearly and with enthusiasm.

Young people want to feel inspired. They want to know that their involvement means something.  We so need their energy and drive. Yes, there is room for inspiration in Canadian politics. There is also room for respectful dialogue and understanding.

We need to speak of the needs of farmers who want to earn a decent living by providing high quality products and who want the next generation to feel good about doing this too.

We need to speak of opportunities for youth and for seniors and tackling poverty among the children of our area.

We need to speak of the importance of encouraging a spirit of entrepreneurship, of recognizing the role that arts play in the well-being and in the economic development of our communities.

We need to speak of improving access to quality healthcare, of refreshing our environment for our long-term health and economic development and on making sure that citizens feel truly safe in their communities.

And we must speak of the fact that the people of Akwesasne are not only part of our history but more importantly are also part of our future.

I have a very personal belief in the meaning of Canada as a precious place of shared hopes and dreams.

We know in our hearts that our area is on the verge of something better.

And so it is time to give ourselves a sense of purpose again –a purpose based on common goals and long term plans that unite us, with a sense of confidence that we can be stronger and more prosperous together.

Bernadette Clement

Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry Federal Liberal Candidate

Thanks to all of the area politician’s that have replied so far.  More to come and don’t feel shy to post what you think about this upcoming election Cornwall!

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  1. To Darlene:

    you said “For Mr Ignatieff to say that no matter what Mr. Harper offers he will not support the government is completely self serving and not at all in the best interest of the Canadian people.”

    With all due respect, I remember Jack Layton saying and doing exactly the same thing. I mean about the no matter what is offered, it will be declined part.

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