Howard Galganov Speaks – Endorses Guy Lauzon and the Harper Conservatives

I love Howard Galganov.  Actually the writer in me loves Howard as I love characters.   Love him or hate him, The Man in Black is rarely boring.

Howard and I come from the same part of Montreal; Chomedy.   As a matter of fact some of my family knew his a generation ago.   I covered his attempt to win this riding as an independent during the last Federal Election.

Today Howard sent me this email which he has allowed me to reprint which I am in its entirety with no edits:

“Jamie: I will support the Conservatives if an election is called, by supporting Guy Lauzon.

Even though I don’t fully endorse all of Harper’s policies, especially on growing the government, pandering to Quebec and increasing government spending, I am plenty happy with the way he has handled the economy without panicking. And how he is representing Canada abroad.

The WORST thing that could possibly happen to Canada today is if the LEFT, especially the LEFT led by an IDIOT like Ignatieff, or WORSE, two IDIOTS like “Iggy” and Jack Layton were running the country.

Guy Lauzon is a gentleman who is unfortunately not a boat-rocker, but he is steady, well liked by just about everyone who seems to know him, and will do no harm.

It is more likely than not that I will even contribute financially to his campaign. ANYTHING TO STYMIE THE LEFT! I am as sick and tired of the SOMETHING FOR NOTHING BUNCH as I can possibly be.

Best Regards – Howard Galganov
PO Box 17
Williamstown, Ontario, Canada
K0C 2J0″

You always know where you stand with Howard and its interesting that he’s willing to write a cheque to the man who had him barred from the French Language Debate here in Cornwall during the last election.

We should have an interview with Mr. Galganov soon.   Hopefully he’ll also be one of our first radio visitors in October as well.

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