Letter to the Editor – Howard Galganov + Interview

howhorse No, that’s not Guy Lauzon or Stephen Harper posing with Howard who sent us in this Letter to the Editor today.  We’re adding the interview questions we recently did with Howard as well.

1)  Why have you decided to not run again and instead support Mr. Lauzon?

An Independent has virtually no chance of beating a Party candidate. Besides, the people spoke clearly the last time out. Why would I think they would speak any differently now?

2)  In the last election you beat up Mr. Lauzon pretty badly; in fact none of the other candidates seemed to want to really attack him on his performance with quite the zeal and zest that you did.   You also beat up Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the time.    How do you reconcile that position to your position today?

I never attacked the man. I ONLY “beat-up” on policies and the lack of first-hand experience at running any kind of business or any type of agriculture they all professed to have some expertise at. I still oppose many of Harper’s policies such as pandering to the nation of Quebec with specific rights other provinces do not enjoy, plus a ton of money with which to buy votes.

Also – I am opposed to his lack of real Conservative commitments which would include the abolition of Canada’s Human Rights Tribunals as well as much more deregulation and a smaller government.

3)   If you had won the last election and sat as as Independent how would you have dealt with the Bridge Crisis?

I would have immediately and permanently closed the border on the Island creating a full fledged border where it is presently located.

4)  You talked a lot about jobs in the last election and that was before the recession that looks like it will become a depression.   Since then how do you feel Mr. Lauzon has helped the riding and what do you think he can do to actually gain net jobs and income in this riding?

I believe Guy Lauzon is incapable of creating private long-lasting jobs in the riding, simply because he has no entrepreneurial experience or aptitude. What he can do is lobby his government for more government jobs that only takes tax dollars out of the pockets of the people, which in my mind is far more a part of the problem than it is a part of the solution.

5)   You have a Farm.  How has the Harper Government helped you and the farm community; especially in this riding, since the last election?

His government hasn’t helped me at all. And that’s fine. The best thing the government can do for farmers is to stay off the farms.

6)  If you could change one thing from your campaign in the last election what would it be?

I wouldn’t change anything. If I were to run again, I would run on the exact same platform.

7) Since you’ve embraced the Conservative government could you see yourself running as a Federal or Provincial candidate for them in the near future?

I have not embraced the Conservative government. I will support Harper through Guy Lauzon because any present alternative would be a disaster for Canada. No I cannot see myself running as a candidate for any Party.

8)  Do you miss radio?  IE Hosting?

Sometimes. But I still do radio. I will be doing a 25 minute show with Dave Rutherford on QR 77 (Calgary) today at noon eastern time. I do shows across Canada at the invitation of others. I don’t know what you mean by IE Hosting.

Here is Howard’s Letter to the Editor:

Why I Will Support Guy Lauzon

September 10, 2009

By Howard Galganov

If Michael Ignatieff decides to overthrow the Canadian government by way of a no confidence vote, as it appears he will do, I will do the following:

I will support the Conservatives and make a financial contribution to the campaign of Guy Lauzon. And here’s why.

Since the global financial collapse began more than a year ago, Prime Minister Stephen Harper never lost his cool. And in spite of the opposition’s constant demands for wild “stimulus” spending, Harper hung relatively tough by not spending Canada into oblivion while successfully guiding our country through very dangerous uncharted waters.

Because of Harper’s financial stewardship, Canada has emerged from the recession, we’ve recently added approximately 27,000 jobs to the economy, and we’ve kept our already too high taxes in check.

Harper has also shown himself to be more than just a passable statesmen on the international front, where world leaders are just as likely to embarrass themselves and their countries as not.

There are many things about Harper’s policies that I am very much against.  I’m opposed to his pandering over Quebec, and how much of our hard-earned tax money he heaps upon an ethnocentric “nation” within Canada, which is of his own creation.

I’m very disappointed in his refusal to absolutely rein-in Canada’s horrible Human Rights Commissions in spite of the fact that they are an aberration to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and are an affront to our well-established judiciary.

Prime Minister Harper is not true to his past Conservative values, which once encompassed policies of much less government, lowest taxes possible, greater participation in the electoral process by allowing individuals and groups to voice their opinions during elections, and less government regulations to name but a few.

In spite of what I don’t like about Harper’s policies, there is much – much more that I don’t like about what the Liberals under Ignatieff will do to Canada if they can unseat Harper.

There is no question in my mind that Ignatieff will steer Canada so far to the LEFT if he forms a Liberal majority, that he will bankrupt this country while simultaneously regulating it to death.

But far worse is the great possibility that Ignatieff would form a coalition with the NDP Socialist Something-For-Nothing Bunch, and the ethnocentric Bloc Quebecois.

Nothing good can come with Ignatieff at the helm of Canada. A perfect example of voter remorse can be seen to our South, where a nation voted for a great orator who has no history whatsoever of managing anything.

In Ignatieff’s case, it would be worse, since he has lived outside of Canada for most of his adult life, and has called himself an American when lecturing his American university audience.

Here’s a man who never created anything but words. He never ran any type of commerce. Not even a convenience store. He has never been an entrepreneur. He has to the best of my knowledge never gotten his hands dirty doing hard work, or by toiling in the soil. He doesn’t even have a hint of any serious financial expertise.

So what can this elitist pseudo-American bring to the Canadian table?

For these reasons, I will not just vote for Guy Lauzon, but will also support him with my money and effort if he asks for it. When I campaigned against Guy Lauzon, I attacked his party’s policies and enunciated what I would do if elected, but I never attacked him. In all of my conversations with Guy, I found him to be a gentleman who really cares for the job he is doing.

I would much rather have a far more Conservative in-your-face candidate to support, but have no reluctance to send Harper back to the PMO, hopefully with a majority where he could redeem himself by getting back on his Conservative track.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

Williamstown, Ontario

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  1. now we need an editorial stating why Canadians would be crazy to support Stephen Harper, or Mr. Lauzon for that matter. We are running another conservative deficit here,we have not seen this since Mulroney.
    Perhaps Ignatieff isn’t the best candidate, but at least he is less likely to be as ethically questionable as Harper.

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