It’s Official – David Rawnsley to run for the Green Party in SD&G

We at The Cornwall Free News wish to offer our congratulations to Mr Rawnsley and his Campaign manager Lorna Foreman.

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Cornwall September 14th, 2009. The Green Party is pleased to announce that David Rawnsley will once again be their Federal Candidate in the riding of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry. David carried the green-banner during the 2008 election and obtained the best result for a first-time Green Party candidate in this riding. He was also the only SDSG candidate whose party gained an increase in votes from the 2006 campaign.

David was endorsed by local Green Party members in a June 09 nomination meeting. He has withheld a formal announcement of his candidacy as he has been heavily involved with a citizens’ campaign to have the Counties Council stop spraying the County highways with chemicals banned by the Province under its new law governing the use of pesticides and herbicides. David is currently Vice-President of CARS (Citizens for Alternatives to Roadside Spraying).

Since the last election Mr. Rawnsley has also been engaged with developing soccer infrastructure in the region. He is Executive Director for the Friends of SD&G Soccer and currently working on a number of initiatives to expand soccer facilities. He was also appointed  to the South Glengarry Environment Committee where he was elected by his peers as the Chair.

Asked today whether he thought that the election would take place this fall he replied: “I certainly hope not. Canadians are weary of elections that do not change the mechanism of government.   Either MP’s must figure out how to operate in Minority Government situations, without constant sable rattling, or we should have some other form of election rather than the first-past-the-post. MP’s must learn to do what all the many shades of Green voters have already done – find consensus.”

For more information contact Lorna Foreman, (613) 933-5265 or David Rawnsley, (613) 347-7359

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