The War to Save Local TV – Hmm…..


Local TV doesn’t really exist.   Today most “local stations” are owned by Corporate Chains.  Look at the logo above.  All of those companies own national chains including our Government owned CBC.

Yes, they have some local staff and offices.   Right now there’s a real war going on as these chains say that the cable and satellite companies make money off of them, and they are 100% correct, but would we hear about this if it wasn’t for the recession and impact of falling ad sales and rates?

If ad rates were up we wouldn’t.   This is about the decimation of viewing habits.  For example if you are reading this story it means you aren’t watching TV or reading a print newspaper many of which are owned by the same chains that own the tv stations.

Advertisers are fighting a war with new media on the net which eventually will all merge.

Reality is that because they are on Satellite and Cable networks they are able to charge ad rates that they probably couldn’t if they were independent local stations.

Add in the CRTC and other government agencies and you have a mess.

So instead of addressing the core real issues we have this campaign; which I support btw, simply because it gets people thinking about what “Local” means.

To me it means actually from the area.   And I think more and more people want local news, local services, and local products.

In our city we our radio is corporate owned.  Our English language newspapers are chain owned as well.

We are the only “Local” media in town other than the French Newspaper, Le Journal.

So I agree.  Local is good.  Local is the way to go.  And kudos to all of you who agree.

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  1. It’s funny in a way. CTV, ultimately owned by Bell Canada, wants the TV tax – ExpressVu, also owned by Bell, does not. Either way, Bell wins.

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