So who the heck is running Akwesasne?

I’ve spent a lot of time covering the Bridge Crisis this year.   The more I talk to people the less I understand on the Island and I have an above average IQ even if I can’t spell worth squat.

We have the Mohawk people, who some Mohawk people claim are not really Mohawks, but Iroquois.   You have card holding people Camtoe and non card holding people.   You have the MCA which some say represent those on the Island, and some on the Island say have no say over the people that live there.

From what I’m hearing this is all about money and land; although I think it’s more about land and the will to govern themselves.

Here is a story I read this morning L I N K which makes some pretty bold claims.   The language is bold and harsh, but the perceptions by those that hold those opinions are real.

If might makes right then we probably will have a new bridge leading to a nice new shiny customs office back on the Island, but will that solve anything?

What do you think Cornwall and area residents?   Post your comments here because this is one confusing muddle of issues.

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  1. ” There is nothing so difficult to control as the tribes of America. All these barbarians have the law of wild asses—they are born, live, and die in a liberty without restraint; they do not know what is meant by bridle and bit. ” wrote a long ago missionary.

    The truth is there is no single monopoly of power in Akwesasne. There is a diversity in politics, spirituality and ideologies that few other places share. I would hope that might does not try to make right, for both the sake of Akwesasne and her neighbors. Moreover, I would caution anyone harboring such ideas to not overestimate the capabilities of their enforcers nor underestimate the possible retaliations. Moreover such hawkish folk should be reminded that in all the various confrontations in the last century, Mohawks have maintained a defensive posture and only retaliated to force Canada initiated.

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