40,000 Page Views With a Bullet – Thanks Cornwall Area!


40,000 Page Views

It’s amazing how fast you are making us grow.  This month is on target to see almost as much traffic as we’ve had since the site started in February.

Our Unique visitors  this month are on pace to be a 196% increase over last month.   Friday, the 18th, was the largest day of traffic we’ve ever had with 1693 page views alone.   The word is getting out about our little community newspaper.

Thanks from myself and all the staff and volunteers.   Please keep the emails and support coming and please keep spreading the word.    We’re still trying to hit our fund raising goal to get the radio station open for October.     We’ll get there even if it means a delay, but we’re determined to have new local voices on the air.

Our web shows are also on schedule.  We have a few new columnists about to start to write for us too.

So tell us what you want to read, watch, and listen to and we’ll do our best to bring it to the site.

And please visit our sponsors as we want them to know how much their support is appreciated.

Spend Locally, Advertise Locally!

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