Akwesasne Cornwall CBSA Vehicle Seizure UPDATE

This was just sent to us:


Today on September 18, 2009 the CBSA at the Cornwall port of entry seized two vehicles from  community members. The vehicles were seized because the community members failed to report to CBSA before returning to Kawennoke.

Many of the residents in other districts of Akwesasne do not report to CBSA  when traversing the community. Why should Kawennoke residents report to CBSA when other community members in other districts don’t report?

The Akwesasne Peoples Fire is having a meeting tonight at 6 PM to discuss the current act of aggression by CBSA against the community.  All interested community members are invited to attend.

What do you think Cornwall and Akwesasne Residents.   Let the world know.

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  1. I guess people will just have to report into Cornwall from now on.

  2. Why should they report? Because it’s the law. Hardly an act of aggression against a community. Keep stirring the pot.

  3. No one from St. Regis Quebec, & Snye Quebec has ever had to report. The island isn’t even connected to mainland canada, why is it such a big deal? If the CBSA was really concerned about the safety of canada (eg, terrorism) they would have set up post on US land.

    Akwesasne residents are NOT travellers, they are residents of Akwesasne and that includes Snye, St. Regis, Hogansburg & the Cornwall Island. Those are their districts. This is just another bullying tactic by CBSA & the canadian government

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