Habs New Guys Stick it to Penguins 4-3 – Moyes Bettman NHL back in Court – Gretzky still AWOL – Melnyk Veto Comments

Two goals from Brian Gionta, one from Scott Gomez and for those wacky Le Journal guys a Guillaume Latendresse goal as well were enough for the Habs to beat the defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins 4-3!

Carey Price was good enough to get the win and the talk shows in Montreal will be busy tomorrow.

Dave King has been brought in to be the Assistant Coach in Phoenix while head coach Wayne Gretzky is still a no show as the NHL and Jim Balsillie battle it out in Bankruptcy court to see who gets the team.

Judge Redfield T Baum (dontcha just love that name?) is back in court Wednesday as the NHL has refused Jerry Moyes request for mediation over key ISSUES.

Meanwhile Ottawa Sens owner Eugene Melnyk has given Gary Bettman and the NHL legal team a bit of a headache after saying on radio that all NHL teams have veto rights over territory.  L I N K

“Mr. Melnyk admitted the continued effectiveness of the illegal NHL constitutional territorial veto,” Balsillie’s lawyers said in court papers. “Moreover, his remarks confirm that the real reason for the rejection of Mr. Balsillie’s ownership application is this veto.”  pinn“The NHL has denied the existence of the territorial veto,” Balsillie’s lawyers said in court papers. The NHL has derided Balsillie’s veto allegations as “an imaginary ‘conspiracy theory,’ a ‘big lie’ and making sarcastic references to Alice in Wonderland,” according to court records.”

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