Seaway International Bridge Closing SPIN – No answers AKWESASNE CORNWALL

L I N K Mike Peeling today writes some spin about the bridge closing on Saturday.  Still no real answers though.

If it was one person that caused a ruckus surely there were other solutions than closing an International Border Crossing and impacting the area communities as happened?

Why no comments from area politicians?  I asked Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger last night about this weekend and his comments were cautious and guarded.    I asked him if he thought the temporary station in Cornwall would still be there for the winter?  He felt quite strongly that there was “no quick fix” to the situation and that discussions would be a bit more difficult.

Where is the accountability?  Who gave the order to close the bridge and who gave the order to open it?

If it was the Seaway Bridge authority why did representatives of Akwesasne and the MCA meet with CBSA officials from Ottawa in the Stormont Room of the Ramada Saturday afternoon?

According to reports which have yet to verify the MCA has spent over $20,000.00 helping to pay off those $1,000.00 fines so far.

Last night there were some meetings around Akwesasne.   A lot of new faces in the tent and some of them were very upset.    The feeling shared with me was that a strategy was needed to deal with these attacks and vehicle seizures.   Another bridge closing is expected by most in attendence.

And the building is almost ready to go up on the tent site with the floor and two of the walls ready to go as of this morning.  (pics to come)

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Was the Harper Government Abusive for Seizing Vehicles from Akwesasne Residents This Weekend?

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Should Akwesasne Residents returning from the USA have to report to CBSA if not entering Cornwall? IE Just going their homes on the Island?

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  1. So let me get this right, One man all 5’2 or 3 of him and what 140 pounds, Caused CBSA with their 9mm’s In Cornwall with the Back up of the RCMP within 30 seconds away CCPS,OPP and AMPS to panic and close the bridge ????

    Obviously they must need more training if they for whatever reason can not handle 1 man!

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m kind of worried now about crossing into Cornwall Ontario, Where the border is protected by a bunch of Children with guns that do not have the ability to properly deal with one persons emotions.. So Much for training.

  2. Harper government receives their directives from the Queen of England, right?

    Onkwehonwe, those on Kawehno:ke are not Canadians, right?

    Why is so much energy going into trying to force Onkwehonwe to be tricked into or forced into becoming Canadians that are subjects to the British North American Act?

    Is it really so scary to imagine that free Onkwehonwe still exist here?

    Another interesting fact to note, is that Onkwehonwe have never murdered or harmed any CBSA agents around Akwesasne.

    More interesting to note that CBSA agents (the few making such a bad name for the entire CBSA union) actually have hundreds of human rights complaints against them – for causing harm and even death to Onkwehonwe, Canadians, and USA citizens over the years.

  3. Author

    Hi Monica,

    We all can’t be as gifted a speaker as some of the people I’ve heard from the tent, but some of the statements you make seem quite extreme and I say that as someone that’s very open minded and empathetic to what’s going on in Akwesasne and the impact of this crisis.

    “Murdered, hundreds of human rights complaints, death” are very very strong terms that should be used prudently. I’m not saying that you’re not using them prudently. I’m just very careful about words. It’s the writer in me.

    I think for any progress to be made on issues that have existed for decades if not longer rhetoric and drama need to take a back seat to wisdom and prudence, and true good faith.

    Speaking for myself only I have heard many different perspectives from residents of Akwesasne. I think it’s a very complex situation that needs calm heads to get any positive action and resolution. I’ve heard some of your people in the tent talk about creating awareness in the residents of Akwesasne, but perhaps there will be a need for awareness of your neighbors as well who may only see a slim perspective shown by the media or what they hear in the street.

    Question for you Monica, and just you. If it was up to you would you allow the CBSA back to their old station? And if so under what conditions?

  4. Hello ‘admin’,

    The past murders are not rhetoric, nor drama, nor symbolic.

    Some of my family and close friends have lost their babies, as a direct result of the abuse they received from a few CBSA agents.

    Lawsuits are going on now, as a result.

    CBSA agents put a bullet in the back of Jake Fire Ice, at that abandoned CBSA building on Kawehno:ke, as he was reaching for his tobacco pouch as a peaceful gesture. Next time you visit our lovely island, take a good long look at the wooden statue that faces north. He is holding his arms up and looking to the north.

    Abuse, death, and hundreds of human rights complaints are being ignored and brushed under the rug. Literally hundreds are because of just a few CBSA agents that continue at their jobs.

    Where is the good faith, in barracading our roads, stealing our vehicles, holding our vehicles for ransom, and demanding that we ask permission every time we ever leave or return anywhere in Akwesasne? Where is the good faith you speak of?

  5. Author

    Hi Monica,

    I am going to speak from “my own” perspective. I do not know about the complete history of incidents in the area. As someone who had a large proportion of my own family “murdered” I can understand a bit of where you come from when you write that emotionally.

    Right now, today, the crisis seems to be that the Harper government wants the land where the tent is and that they are trying to force the residents of Akwesasne to report t the temporary station at the foot of bridge as a harassment tactic.

    That tactic, which has led to Akwesasne residents vehicles being seized is what alarms me today.

    It’s not that I am discounting any of the history you are mentioning. It’s just that as a Canadian I’d like to see the bridge remain open and I’d like immediate issues dealt with in a manner of good faith.

    I’d like to see an immediate ceasing of vehicle seizures. I’d like to the Government, whether via CBSA or not, to come up with a solution other than loading a bridge set for termination with vehicles for no positive reason. Whether a reporting system is used until there is a resolution to the customs issue or perhaps a checkpoint at the old customs lane, or some other solution, what’s important I think is that some solution that makes sense is taken.

    And yes, as a Canadian I’d really like my government to dialogue with any group about past issues and maybe, just maybe resolve some of them.

    Btw, you never answered my question?

  6. Hello admin (Jaime?)

    Canadians in the media, appear to prioritize money in this situation. I know that outspoken, often to not represent all though.

    Onkwehonwe are thinking about the future of our children and our unborn.

    My thoughts are focused on the safety, wellbeing, and health of my self, my friends and family here on Kawehno:ke.

    My thoughts are focused on a healthy future of our children and unborn here in Akwesasne and all Onkwehonwe communities.

    CBSA has proved for many decades, that they have no place in any plans that involve the safety, health, and wellbeing of Onkwehonwe. Actions of the CBSA are clear proof of what they intend.

    Canadians may want to start focusing on how they are going to stay safe with that safety hazards that the CBSA union is causing.

    It’s very calm and pleasant on Kawehno:ke. It’s really nice when I return home from family visits, grocery shopping, meetings, and shopping therapy in Akwesasne.

    I can not consider your question.

    I know you can understand that for as long as CBSA continues to ignore and hide the complaints against them, I can not consider your question.

    As long as the CBSA continues to launch more abuse and theft towards Onkwehonwe, I can not consider your question.

    Maybe when you realize just how much abuse that CBSA has inflicted onto the community of Kawehno:ke, especially our youth, you will understand why such a question, is actually quite insulting.

    Thanks for providing and maintaining a media spot for Onkwehonwe to have a respectful discussion. I appreciate this very much.

    So far, government agents come here claiming to ‘negotiate’. Yet, they tell Onkwehonwe to shut up and just accept whatever the government demands.

    Quite a frustrating situation to be born into and forced into.

    Skennen ko:wa,
    Monica Peters

  7. Author

    Hi Monica,

    Reading your post I can feel a bit of your frustration and I think from what you’ve written you’ve answered the question.


  8. i think that the border is getting more and more of a pain in the ass its our daily routine and they are making it harder for us! some of us are getting pulled over when we shouldn’t be what is up with us having to pay a $1,00 fin for not reporting!
    that’s all i have to say!

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