Federal Election Round Up – Positioning for Power Ignatieff Layton Harper

Now that the major wave of drama of whether the Harper government would fall has subsided the parties are jockeying for position for the next test.

Michael Ignatieff is clearly looking like the winner from this first round    He’s delayed the election that Mr. Harper was hoping for contrary to what’s been printed.    He no longer has the tail stuck on him as the person calling the election and he’s forced the spotlight onto Mr. Layton for being the one who will have to bring down Mr. Harper and for Mr. Harper who essentially has formed a coalition with Mr. Layton to keep his government afloat; something that he has attack ads on TV accusing Mr. Ignatieff of doing.

It seems that if all Mr. Ignatieff wanted was to be PM he could already have done so.    He has shown in a most Macbethian manner that he wants his crown when it’s his time and with the true support of Canadian voters.

It remains to be seen if his strategy works, but it’s quite refreshing to see this approach in Canadian politics instead of the  American style hack and slash we’re starting to get used to.

Some stories floating about:


“Nothing has changed under Harper’s new bill. Workers are still required to have made EI contributions for a minimum of seven years in the last 10. The plan also shuts the door on those who have EI claims that started before Jan. 4, 2009 and does not apply to unemployed workers with more than 35 weeks of regular EI benefits in the five years before their claim.

Harper’s Bill C-50 has created a clear divide between those he considers deserving and those undeserving of EI support.


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