BREAKING NEWS – CBSA 24 Hour Moratorium on Vehicle Seizures

From what I’m hearing CBSA will be having a 24 hour moratorium on vehicle seizures and wiping the slate clean in that there will be no further seizures for non reporting prior to the moratorium.

They still will insist on residents of Akwesasne reporting to the temporary customs office in Cornwall and they will seize vehicles that do not report after this date.

The old list will not be used to target resident vehicles.   We’re awaiting confirmation from the MCA and CBSA.

Was the Harper Government Abusive for Seizing Vehicles from Akwesasne Residents This Weekend?

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Should Akwesasne Residents returning from the USA have to report to CBSA if not entering Cornwall? IE Just going their homes on the Island?

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  1. How come there’s no voting option for:

    No, everyone should be required to follow the law.

  2. Citizen,

    Have you ever boated across the border ?
    Well when you do like in other Land Crossings in Canada You are Bound by law to Call the nearest POE. So why isn’t that in effect here ?

    Because CBSA was trying to push their weight around and inconvenience The People from Akwesasne. Like a bully in the play ground.

    If your friend was given the option to call (living 3 hours away) Wouldn’t you like the same option?

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