Cornwall Area Seizures from the RCMP Week Ending September 25, 2009


The following details are seizures from September 18th to September 25th. A total of 3,500 re-sealable bags/cartons of contraband cigarettes, 4 vehicles, 1 boat, 1 trailer, and $6,040 cash were seized. A total of 4 people were arrested.

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  1. Hardly the Major Issue it was once made out to be.. How can the RCMP possibly justify the new building? I hardly think 200+ RCMP officers are needed in the Area if they are recovering on avg 70 Cases a week in Alleged Contraband..

    All they have managed to do is put a few more people out of work in this city that is already suffering, As council seems more worried about a Multipad Hockey arena, Using our City funds to condone and support organized crime and money laundering!

    Bring jobs to the city that pay peoples Rents, that seem to be pretty high.. Utilities, Again High and then lets sit down and educate our people. As it stands right now people Transport and Sell Alleged Contraband Cigarettes because it pays the bills.

    There are major issues in Cornwall that everyday go ignored. While the spot light is put on Akwesasne and “Smugglers” How about we put the spotlight on City Hall.

    The city paid $1.3 million for the future site of the sports facility,The $27-million facility is expected to be completed by March 2011. Will more then likely end up costing $40-million by the time its done!

  2. Author

    666577 to be fair hydro rates in Cornwall are less than other areas of Ontario. Gasoline and oil are usually cheaper too. Yes, things can be better, bu overall there’s a lot of good to be said for this area.

  3. Totally Jamie,

    But we all know that this area has survived for years on Alleged Smuggled goods, Maybe not as much as other Border areas like
    Gananoque (Al Capone) days during prohibition. But seriously funds going to the RCMP could be better spent..

    People will always find away to survive that’s a fact and if you ask me Cornwall has bred Survivors for years and years.. I would rather know that Cigarettes are being sent across the river, and sold next door then Meth being produced next door.. Yes both are evil but I think I would rather settle for the lessor of the two.

    I’m not putting the blame for Cornwalls Black eye on the RCMP its is a community as a whole but they haven’t helped

  4. Oh sorry about the Hydro rates… Considering that the Debt on our hydro bills is paying inflated taxes on Ontario hydro facilities sometimes 30 times the normal property tax amount.

    And how about Gasoline, the product that never seems to have a set price, We pay more then our neighbors to the south why is this? at 99.9 per liter that’s 3.79/4.54 per gallon depending how you convert it..

    This is product we produce here in Canada honestly it should be a lot cheaper!!

  5. Author

    666577 we pay less for gasoline than most areas in Ontario and certainly much less than Quebec does. Honestly I think the glass is more half full than half empty in Cornwall. The trick is how to build on that and not fall into these artificial pot holes.

  6. Jamie,

    When I bring up the gas prices I’m bringing them up in general, Drive from Kingston Gas gets progressively more expensive the further east you drive, Forget about buying it on the Highway OMG convenience charge of 15 cents a liter LOL that’s Crazy!

    And yes we do have it better then Quebec but still, What would you do If the price at Riley’s Fluctuated by the day? Or Tim Horton’s Coffee went up and down like a YoYo?

    A revolution has to start somewhere Jamie We both know this, We unlike our neighbors just can’t seem to hold together long enough to make the changes that need to be made.

  7. Go for a trip to europe 666577, enjoy the 2.50+ gas prices. We kind of have it lucky, though we’re still being gouged! Just wait until HST kicks in. Then we’ll really take a kicking. But alas, seems no government will attempt to run things properly. And all they will do is tax us more for it.

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